New Softwares

hey frndzz…………here are some cool n new softwares…………!!!!!!!!

ShutDown After is simple program by use of which you can set timer or assign hotkeys for windows shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, stand by. This can prove very helpful in situations, when you want your computer to get shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, stand by after completion of some task or you want to perform shutdown operations by just key press. So download and enjoy.

  1. A very fast way to perform shutdown operations
  2. A simple interface lets you schedule shutdown, hibernation, restart, log off, stand by easily
  3. Its hotkeys gives your finger tips all the power to perform shutdown operations
  4. It stays on your system tray and can be called with a single click
  5. The shutdown, hibernation, restart, log off, stand by are performed in a fastest way possible

ShutDown After can be used in cases like if you want computer to shutdown after some operation and you know an estimate time, schedule it to shutdown after that time, it will work great. On a regular basis instead of first going to Start then Shutdown and then again ok, you can simply press ctrl+alt+s to shutdown your computer.

Be Punctual is a simple tool which includes Alarm Clock, Reminder and Human voice time teller(Both male and female). With alarm clock you can set alarm for different days of the week, With reminder you can set reminders for entire year and never forget anything and with human voice time teller you can listen to the current time in natural human voice. You can also set alarm tone as any of your favorite mp3 or wav files.


  1. An awsome Alarm Clock, Reminder and a time teller
  2. It has a great user interface which very easy to handle
  3. Alarm Clock can set different or same alarm for seven days of the week
  4. Alarm sound can include your favorite songs in Mp3 and WAV
  5. Reminder will never let you forget anything in a year
  6. Two great natural human voice time tellers will give you time updates "time to time"

Be Punctual can be used as a basic or advanced alarm clock on regular basis. Its reminder service is great and can be used to keep track of important events like birthdays, parties, meetings etc. Time tellers can be used to get time notification.

Copy Cat 2.0 actually skip the bytes which are not readable from file and copy all other bytes therefore it extracts max data which is normally not done by windows copy operation. Copy Cat can be helpful at times when you want to copy a CD or DVD which is scratched,when you want to copy data from harddisk area which is partially not readable , when you want to copy data from floppy which is currently not being copied by windows .So download and enjoy.


  1. Copies your oldest collection of CDs and DVDs
  2. It even tries to copy a highly damaged media byte by byte
  3. It gives you the option to skip the bytes if bad area found
  4. It is a very fast data recovery tool
  5. It also tries to copy damaged files on your hard disk
  6. Unlike Windows copy operation it does not stop the copy if bad area found

Copy Cat can be of great use to people who think their old memories are garbage now, try using this product to recover data and it will not disappoint you. Please note that a physically damaged disk area cannot be copied in any case but if such comes between a big file then it can be skipped so that atleast some data is recovered.

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